• MILTECH 303
  • MILTECH 303


Military Rugged Ethernet Switch with USB 3.1

The MILTECH 303 is a USB 3.1 compatible small and lightweight  USB hub that has five USB 3.1 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, and a dedicated IO port. What make this product really unique is that it not only provides connectivity between USB 3.0 devices (such as portable handhelds, sensors, storage, human interface devices, night vision goggles and GPS), but it also provides a robust power management and charging tool for these devices.It is an IP 68 Military Rugged USB 3.1 Gen1 advanced featured Smart HUB with robust power management and charging.

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Product Description

With a wide voltage range of 12-28VDC and up to 2A downstream power per port, the MILTECH 303 supports the four most popular battery charging profiles (DCP, CDP, SDP and custom profiles via SMBus or OTP) to power and charge USB devices including portable handhelds, storage, sensors, human interface devices and GPS.
The optional internal Ethernet interface allows the USB host machine to communicate with upstream devices over a standard wired and wireless Ethernet network, further extending the flexibility of the hub and attached USB devices.
MILTECH 303 features mechanical packaging enhancements designed for MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance and high reliability. The unit has been especially hardened to improve ingress, impact, and shock/vibration protection. Passive cooling allows for the elimination of moving parts. Sealed connectors ensure protection against water and dust.
This flexible communications and power management platform creates another “first” for the military and rugged commercial markets. It extends Techaya’s commitment to unique, tailor-made low-SWAP rugged communications solutions.


Product Model MILTECH 303
Management Unmanaged
Ports • Port 1 USB3.1/USB2 upstream port • Port 2-6 USB3.1/USB2 downstream ports • Port 7 Ethernet 10/100/1000BT port via USB to LAN Bridge • Port 8 IO port for I2C/SPI/GPIO/External Power Input • Per port LEDs indication
DIMS 93.8mm x 72.3mm x 21.7mm
Connector • ODU AMC-HD Series Upstream port 12 pins connector • ODU AMC-HD Series Downstream ports 12 pins connector
Weight 159g
Operating Temp -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)
Power • 5VDC (USB) INPUT, Upstream USB Port # 1, or 12-28VDC external power source for high power applications • Output 5VDC Aggregated up to 15A

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