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Embedded Military Grade USB 3.1 Smart Hub On Board

Techaya’s MILTECH 300-HoB USB hub enables the connectivity and communication between multiple USB devices and the main computer. This USB hub features 6 USB 3.1 ports each of them also supports battery charging functionality along with regular USB3.1 data path, a dedicated IO port (I²C, External Power and GPIO compatible), and a single gigabit Ethernet port. With a wide input range and up to 2A downstream power per port for either charging of powering devices.

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Product Description

The MILTECH 300-HoB supports the four most popular battery charging profiles (DCP, CDP, SDP and custom profiles) to power and charge USB devices including: portable handhelds, storage, sensors, human interface devices and GPS.The internal Ethernet interface allows to communicate with upstream devices over a standard Ethernet network, further extending the flexibility of the hub and attached USB devices. MILTECH 300 designed to withstand MIL-STD-810 environmental compliance and MIL-STD-461 EMI/RFI compliance when installed in an appropriate chassis.


Product Model MILTECH 300
Management Managed
Ports • Port 1 USB3.1/USB2 upstream port • Port 2-6 USB3.1/USB2 downstream ports • Port 7 Ethernet 10/100/1000BT port via USB to LAN Bridge • Port 8 IO port for I2C/SPI/GPIO/External Power Input • Per port LEDs indication
DIMS 73mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 11mm (H)
Connector 2 x Samtec QTE-028-01-L-D-DP-A-K
Weight 24.2g
Operating Temp -40oC to +85oC (-40oF to +185oF)
Power • 5VDC (USB) INPUT, Upstream USB Port # 1, or 12-28VDC external power source for high power applications • Output 5VDC Aggregated up to 15A, up to 2A per port

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