• ICE898G


Rugged Industrial manageable Gigabit switch with 7 x 10/100 TX ports + 3xGigabit Combo (SFP/RJ-45) ports

Rugged Industrial manageable Gigabit switch with 7 x 10/100 TX ports + 3 x Gigabit Combo (SFP/RJ-45) ports

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Product Description

Rugged Industrial manageable Gigabit switch with 6 10/100 TX ports + 2xGigabit Combo (SFP/RJ-45) ports

The ICE898G is a Managed industrial Ethernet Switch, equipped with 7 ports 10/100TX and 3 ports 10/100/1000 RJ-45/100-FX/Gigabit SX/LX combo ports. The ICE898G is designed as rugged in aluminum material and with wide operating temperature.The software supports full L2 management features, ring redundancy, network control, security and alert features. The ICE898G also supports RS-232 console for out of band management. 
Techaya's Rapid Super Ring technology provides network redundancy with can self-recover in less than 30ms at full load. Moreover, ICE898G provides users
with many advanced management features. The ICE898G can be configured smartly by console CLI and web browser. Network administrators can define event notification to be sent via E-mail, SNMP trap, Syslog or relay output. Online status of each port is also shown on web page. To optimize network traffic, network administrators can segment ports into different VLANs, or filter multicast traffic by IGMP Snooping. Bandwidth can be managed by port rate control to avoid abnormal broadcast storm. To enhance security, port access can be limited to predefined IP address table, binding MAC address to specific port or managed by HTTPS or SSH.Network determinism is answered by QoS, Quality of Service, for traffic prioritization. ICE898G is the perfect combination of intelligent network management and robust network operation. 


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