• MILTECH 9128


Managed Embedded Board Level 24 port Router/Switch with 4 10Gbe ports

The MILTECH 9128 is designed to simplify the complex traffic management of advanced optics with ultra-high megapixel resolution on rugged manned and unmanned military and civilian sensitive mobile, tactical, airborne, and vehicle platforms for situational awareness and network-centric operations. By combining both Layer 2 Ethernet switching functionality and Layer 3 dynamic routing with four 10 GbE ports and 24 triple-speed (10/100/1000Mbps) ports it is ideal for aggregating traffic from dozens of IP-based devices to connect to processing computers.

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Product Description

The MILTECH 9128 provides both Layer 2 Ethernet switching combined with full Layer 3 dynamic routing on a single PCB-level solution. With four 10 GbE ports and 24 triple-speed (10/100/1000Mbps) ports, it is an embedded communications platforms that helps simplify the complex traffic management of military-based advanced optics applications. With conformal coating and a wide temperature range, it is ideal for rugged manned and unmanned military and civilian mobile, tactical, airborne vehicle platforms in situational awareness operations. 

Advanced network routing features include support for virtual LANS (VLANS), traffic prioritization (QoS), bandwidth aggregation, dynamic routing (RIPV1, V2, OSPF V2/V3, Multicast Routing, VRRP, ECMP Routing) and full IPv6. 
The MILTECH 9128 is only 3.55” (90mm) by 3.55” (90mm) for easy placement in embedded and OEM platforms. The MILTECH 9128 is operated by a power input of 3.3VDC with a maximum power consumption of 25 watts.

The MILTECH 9128 has an available Rapid Evaluation Board which allows developers to become familiar with the switching functionality of the product and quickly evaluate the product while accelerating the product design of the final system. This reduces time-to-market, reduces development costs and lowers design risks. 


Product Model MILTECH 9128
Management Managed
Ports 24 x 10/100/1000 + 4 x 10GbE
DIMS 90 mm x 90 mm x 5 mm
Connector 3XSAMTEC ERM8-050-09.9-L-DV
Weight 52g
Operating Temp -45°C to +85°C
Power 3.3VDC, 25W (Typical)

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