• MILTECH 309
  • MILTECH 309


Fast Embedded Military Board Level Ethernet Switch (ESoB) - 8 Port

The MILTECH309 is a rugged, cost-effective, ultracompact
board-level Ethernet switching solution that
is the smallest solution available on the market today.
Equipped with 8 Fast Ethernet 10/100 ports, this board -
level switch is ideal for integrating in to system level
solutions through board-to-board connectors.
The MILTECH 309 consumes only 2W of power and
uses 5VDC, which can be supplied through a USB
connection. Its ruggedized design feature mechanical
packaging enhancements designed for MILSTD-461E,
MILSTD-810F/G/GM and IP68 compliance when
installed in an appropriate enclosure.

An example of using MILTECH309 in a customer system see here.


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Product Description

The MILTECH 309 Fast Ethernet switch on board (ESoB) is a complete system-level board with eight 10/100Mbps ports. With board-to-board connectors, it serve as a robust solution for providing local area network (LAN) connectivity to IP-enabled computing and netcentric systems. Developed to be embedded in the smallest, harshest environments, the MILTECH 309 is less than 1.7” x 3” x .5” and features a wide temperature range and conformal coating.



Product Model MILTECH 309
Management Unmanaged
Ports 8 x 10/100
DIMS 71mm x 43.18mm x 11.4mm
Connector Power + LAN : Samtec Board-to-Board
Weight 40 g
Operating Temp -45°C to +85°C
Power 5VDC, 2W (Typical)

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